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How to Beat Seasonal Depression

However, some studies indicate that nearly 20 percent individuals may be affected by this illness. One can show depressive symptoms during summer season though SAD affects more people during winter season.

When summer is marked by rainy days, things tend to worsen. If you feel that melancholy engulfs you in this weather and do not like summer, here are five summer depression busters which you can adopt:

Plan something to lift the mood: To defeat the summer doldrums, one doesn’t need to plan an exotic holiday that may create a hole in the pocket. Going with a buddy to a silent café for lunch, or going on a long drive might only help overcome the low disposition. Planning something interesting through the whole summer can boost the disposition and cut down depressive episodes.

Do not dehydrate: Summer is when dehydration can catch you unawares. Have refreshing juices, or sufficient water, citrus fruits to keep yourself hydrated. According to studies conducted by the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory, even mild dehydration can significantly change a person’s mood, energy levels and his ability to think. Researchers recommend that people should drink eight glasses or 8 oz water a day, which is approximately equivalent to about 2 liters.

Be near people: Spend time with them and one of the best things is to catch hold of a couple friends. One can chew the fat near a pool, and you can maintain your pool clean,  check this article to find more about this, or you can simply watch TV together. Picking up a phone and calling up someone can help conquer summer blues.

Involve yourself in something new: Summer is a great time to take part in activities that are new. Break the monotony and try new things. Learning a fresh sport deflect from depressive ideas and can also help the mood.

Eat foods that help crack dispositions: When depressed, someone is prone to eating more. Moreover, during the summers, diet soda, ice cream, sweets, etc., usually become essential part of our daily food. But it must be remembered that sugar can aggravate depressive symptoms. One might merely feel worse than ever once the sugary flavor wears out. Thus, it is strongly recommended to consume healthy foods that boost the dispositions, like walnuts, blueberries, yogurt, chocolates, turkey, greasy fish, etc.
Summer melancholy battle

Just when conquering the heat was a task in itself, melancholy stepped in to add to the problems. However, with little efforts from our own self, we can fight melancholy this summer and feel new and refreshing. But if depression persists and there is no relief from the awful mood swings, choose a depression help.

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