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How to Defeat Asthma – Natural Treatment

<strong>asthmaSuffering with Asthma daily is like having an additional occupation attempting to control the symptoms. It just takes one day when the air pollution is higher than ordinary causing you to wheeze so poor you can not make it into work. You resort to your drug to keep your asthma at bay. Does this sound like you?

Picking a natural treatment for asthma may be what you need not only to relieve your symptoms but to treat your body from the interior.


Asthma is an inflammatory reaction to irritants and allergens. It’s very important to begin the process of treating your asthma naturally by analyzing your surroundings before we can take care of the inflammation.

Remove all allergens and irritants that will trigger an asthma attack: chemicals, aerosol sprays, animal dander, certain medicines, molds, perfumes, pollens, sulfites, to name a few.

Jane had asthma since she was 5, (61 years past) but had it nicely restrained until about 14 years ago. Then in spring she would have to wear a filter mask when she walked her dog or end up getting an asthma attack. This went on for 3 years. After learning how hazardous the indoor atmosphere was in her dwelling, she had an asthma attack in ten years or removed all chemical have not had to use a filter mask and allergens. She credits not having the chemical allergens in the house to compound the outside allergens.

Jane made one change to her environment and as you can see it made a dramatic difference in her breathing and skill to go outside without having an asthma attack.


Our diets are one of the principal sources of inflammation that we face. We eat at least three times every day, and that repetitive level of inflammation needs to be addressed if you are to get some of your drug off and breathe more easily.

Eat more anti inflammatory foods like: pumpkin, cruciferous vegetables, onions, papaya, apricots and tomatoes. Foods Citrus fruits, dairy products, dyes and preservatives, sugar and wheat.


People with asthma need to pay particular attention to fats because great fats are anti inflammatory. We have a tendency to eat foods high in Omega-6 fatty acids. Good examples of omega-3 fatty acids are those in fish. Increase your consumption of fish (or take a high quality fish oil supplement), nuts, olive oil while decreasing the quantity of canola oil, and processed food of any kind.

#4. Asthma (Natural Treatment)

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in our intestine and are commonly destroyed by the antibiotics we take consistently. Supplementing with probiotics (for example read this red tea detox review) can help heal asthma from within.


Often times, asthmatics are depleted as a result of persistent inflammation in the body of critical nutrients. Take a high quality nutritional supplement which provides all the vitamins and minerals important to the immune system.

This 5 step Asthma Natural Treatment will certainly affect how well you breathe and begin treating your body from the inside.

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