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Easy To Do Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips Top Dermatologists Believe In

We all desire gorgeous glowing skin that appears forever youthful and many of us spend a lot of money every year to try and keep our complexions and the skin on our bodies flawless. At times, we’re disappointed. So, what are we doing wrong? Hot yoga is said to be preventative medicine. It works on your full body and filling the mind, soul and body with renewed energy, hot yoga studios in East Nashville offers Bikram-Method (Hot 26), Vinyasa Power Yoga and many more.

Allure magazine explored the subject of anti-aging solutions and asked top dermatologists for their best advice. Doctors Whitney Bowe, Marie Jhin and Karyn Grossman participated in the interview. According to them, dermal fillers are a great option to maintain youthful looking skin.

These are their three trendy treatments creating buzz that really offer benefits:

  1.  Double-Cleansing. It’s more work, but the two-step routine is good at preserving collagen. The derms suggest the first face wash with an oil-based cleanser, followed with a second face wash using a water-based cleanser. The oil dissolves grime and makeup, without severe tugging at the skin.
  2. Vampire Facials. Reality TV’s most famous star, Kim Kardashian, popularized the collagen-building “bloody” treatment. In simplest terms, a dermatologist injects extracts from a patient’s own blood back into their complexion using tiny needles. The platelet-rich plasma is full of stem cells ready to build better skin.
  3. CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting places are destroying fat cells with extreme cold is the idea behind this popular one-hour treatment. The results are incredible in small areas of stubborn fat, and the downtime isn’t lengthy. CoolSculpting has quickly become the world’s number one non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

pexels-photo-301958Sun Protection from LA Beauty is another must-have in the lives of our three top derms. You need to wear sunscreen daily for protection, no matter what the sun’s rays are doing that day, and there are other options people need to maintain their beauty, like the use of a Sugarlash Pro to improve their lashes and look better. You can check this out for more information about stroke rehabilitation program.

There are a variety of sunscreens designed for just about every skin care type and challenge. For example, the pros tell us that a sensitive complexion is better suited with a mineral sunscreen, rather than a chemically-based product. There are also very sheer sunscreens made for the face that blend beautifully with the skin tone, avoiding that chalky cast (Skincare and tips, his explanation here). In addition, loose powder sunscreens with iron oxides are excellent, and you just brush them on.

When applying sunscreen, remember to include that step last. Derms Bowe, Jhin and Grossman all agree that you layer sunscreen over an antioxidant serum or cream.

Our trio of experts believe in three more beauty concepts:

  1. Toning the face is actually a good thing. Toner removes the last bits of grime and preps the complexion for your retinols or C serums, etc.
  2. Hydroquinone is also alright to use for mild bleaching on dark spots and works rapidly and safely when used topically.

For all-around head-to-toe natural beauty, most dermatologists buy tubs of shea butter. This is an amazing moisturizer full of Vitamins A and E that heals, soothes and maintains clear, healthy skin day and night.

Shea butter is ideal to fade the appearance of wrinkles, treat sunburn and itchiness, skin rashes, dryness, cracks, etc. A lot of companies produce dermatological strength shea butter as well, including Also, try the new generation protein powder like hydrolyzed collagen supplement anti aging for gorgeous looking skin.

You could also opt for laser hair removal to get a smooth and silky skin. Learn more about Touch Up Laser from their website.

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